10 Reasons Why I’m Pumped to Hike the 4,000 Footers:

  1. The views. One of the best parts of ascending a mountain is looking out from the summit and realizing that you climbed so high that the smaller details of the world below have blurred into each other. It’s a sublime feeling. Better yet, we’ll be experiencing New Hampshire views. Anyone who has been knows well that New Hampshire’s beauty transforms with the seasons, but it never wanes.
  2. Saying “farewell” to the Freshman 15: On a completely superficial level, I have high hopes of getting in better shape. I’ve eaten an inexcusable amount of brownies, lemon squares, and cupcakes in the past year (only because the place I live during the school year has such an awesome chef). Strenuous hiking almost every weekend is bound to lead me to a stronger body, and a healthy-ish lifestyle change.
  3. Actually doing something productive with my summer. While I work and take summer classes after the school year has ended, I often find myself glued to a screen during my downtime (Internet, I’m looking at you). However, climbing mountains and being outside is way more fun, comes with a sense of accomplishment, and sounds cooler when you’re explaining how so-not-lame your summer was when you get back to school.
  4. Hiking makes you happy! Think about it. You’re physically exerting yourself in the sunshine (vitamin D!), inhaling fresh mountain air, and all the while, your brain’s increasing the concentration of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine, which, very simply put, can cause a mood-boost!
  5. Spending time with Colin. (cue collective gushing and “awws.”) Seriously though, he’s my favorite person to be with, and if I’m going to be spending hours and energy hauling ass up a mountain, there’s no one else’s I’d rather do it with. We understand each other’s limits, the conversation’s ongoing, and I kind of like him, which is always a plus.
  6. The adventure. When going on these hikes, we never know what we’ll discover. We’ve found old pump houses, small monument markers and plaques with cool historical info, and grafittied cabins. My adrenaline is usually pumping non-stop when we power to the summit. I can attribute this to half excitement, half physiological preparedness in the event we encounter a bear. Either way, not knowing what will happen is awesome.
  7. Splurging on new hiking gear. I’m more excited about this than I am dreading the expense. Colin and I recently acquired a new tent, and I’m in the market for some solid boots and a small CamelBak. I love the thrill that accompanies an important purchase because it gets me pumped about the occasion(s) I’ll be using it for.
  8. CAMPING! I haven’t gone camping in four years, which sucks because I love almost everything about it. I love starting fires from scratch, campfire cooking, stargazing, and appreciating the soft serenity of the woods at twilight.
  9. The journeys up. Journeys meaning two things. One: the long drives during sunrise to our destination. I always anticipate them, even if I wanted to personally strangle every living thing when I first woke up. And of course, the climb to the summit can be just as rewarding as reaching it. But if you’re someone who enjoys hiking, which you probably are (unless you’re here mistakenly because you Google searched “sexy hiker”), then you know. If you haven’t hiked, find out before you die.
  10. I don’t really have a number ten, I’M JUST REALLY EXCITED, OKAY?

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