Make Way for Sloths!

On May 11th, just two days after I take my last final exam, I’ll be boarding a plane headed for Costa Rica. As a Wildlife Conservation Biology major, I need as much experience working directly with wildlife as possible if I want to make it anywhere after graduation. I decided a pretty cool way to do this would be to volunteer at The Sloth Sanctuary for the first two weeks of summer break. You may have heard about The Sloth Sanctuary after they were featured on Animal Planet (check out the commercial below). Thankfully, I had heard about the program from a friend well before their TV debut, as I’m sure their phone has been ringing off the hook with prospective volunteers inspired by the show.

At the sanctuary I’m going to be getting to do some hands-on work and hopefully getting to play with as many sloths as possible. I’ll be helping to feed sloths, clean cages, exercise, and possibly even potty-train the younger sloths. I’m hoping to gain experience working with animals and get a better understanding of the exciting world of conservation and rehabilitation. I’ll be sure to post all about my experience when I return on the 30th.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Susie C.
    May 03, 2012 @ 19:33:19

    Sounds fun and interesting! Keep us posted! 🙂


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