Adventures in Newport!

Sometimes we do things other than hiking!

This weekend we decided to take a break from studying and headed over the bridges to Newport, RI. When we left URI, it was a perfectly clear day, but once we hit the Jamestown Bridge our car was shrouded in mist from the water below. At first it was pretty strange, but once we broke through the top of the fog we could see out into the Atlantic. Thankfully, because it’s technically the off-season, the crowds were low and, more importantly, the parking was free.

On our walk to the shops, we enjoyed a cool ocean breeze. Colin thought it smelled magical. Katie thought it smelled like high tide and dead fish. To escape the stench, we ducked into Yankee Candle, where we spent an unreasonable amount of time getting high off candle fumes and picking out car air fresheners. After some shop-hopping, we discovered a quaint little museum devoted to Newport’s illustrious history (four whole rooms worth!). When we saw a sizable crowd congregated at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the exhibits, we thought it would take forever. We were relieved to find that it was just the line for the restrooms. Apparently, people don’t value history or culture much anymore. Losers.

Because Colin was hell-bent on going to Patagonia, we skipped most of the shops along the way, only stopping for cupcakes at Cupcake Charlie’s, which was absolutely necessary. We stumbled across an adorable little dress shop. As a trade-off for the amount of time Colin anticipated spending in Patagonia, Katie tried on half the dresses in the store and infuriated the owner when she didn’t buy a single one. Patagonia was a letdown, as it was far too small and didn’t have anything fun. We turned around and headed back for the shops we missed in Colin’s rushed excitement. Colin needed a smoothie to help him cope (it was a rough time).

After exploring down by the water and ogling a few coffee shops, our tummies demanded it was time for dinner. We stopped at The Red Parrot, which was absolutely massive and accommodated far more people than we thought it could. Even though there was an intimidating line of guests waiting to be seated, we were brought to a table upon our arrival. We browsed a twenty-page menu, ordered drinks, and watched the unusual amount of bachelorette parties parade down the street, bearing sashes and crowns proclaiming their bachelorette-ness. There was also the lovely juxtaposition of a man dressed up in formal attire while sporting hot pink hair.

When we finished gorging ourselves with quesadillas and raw oysters, we ventured out to see the rest of the shops before heading home. Colin bought a commemorative shot glass to add to his collection because he’s a shameless alcoholic (not really, though). Our biological urges got the better of us (not THOSE biological urges, the peeing ones), so we booked it home and back to reality, where final papers and project awaited our arrival.



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